Make Money Online Using Clickbank

Clickbank is a large internet marketplace that sells digital product. Its include ebook, software video tutorial or whatever of the product is ready to download (it’s not physical like Book, DVD, etc). You can make money online on clickbank by becoming a vendor or an affiliate.

A clickbank vendor sells digital products such as eBooks through clickbank. An affiliate resells or promotes products from clickbank on their own websites or blogs and through other ways. Through this article you will learn step-by step way how to make money from being an affiliate on the site clickbank. Ok..! Here are details:

Step 1: Open a Clickbank account

In order to promote products on clickbank as affiliate, you need to signup. Don’t worry, its free. The first, go to and click the “signup” tab in the top of site. After that, clickbank signup form page will appear. Fill out the form and click the “Submit” button at the bottom if you have finished. This way is finished if you have filled the eight digit confirmation code from your email.

2. Search for the good product to be promoted

After you have made an account at Clickbank, then click the “marketplace” tab and find a product that you would like to promote. You can choose the product based on category or with type the certain keyword in the keyword box. There are some terms you should know before choose the product:

$/sale – is the commission you could make on the sale.

Future $ - is the recurring commission, if this is a subscription product.

Total $/sale - For one-time purchases, this number is the same as $/sale. For recurring billing products, it equals the average total of the initial sale plus all rebills, divided by the number of initial sales. To put it simply, for every new purchase of this product, this amount is the average you’d make in total over the life of the new customer. However, this is just an average; this amount is not guaranteed.

%/sale – how much percentage you earn from each sale.

%refd - This is the percentage of sales that were referred by affiliates. This can give you an indication of how popular a product is with affiliates, and how competitive it might be to promote it.

grav - Short for Gravity, this number represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 8 weeks. Since more recent transactions are given a higher value, this number can give you an idea of what products are “hot” at the moment, in terms of being promoted by many affiliates and making a good number of sales. However, high gravity can also indicate that there will be a lot of competition in promoting this product.

Tips: Make sure you should choose the product has 50 or higher gravity so that it shows it has potential to sell well.

Step 3: Create Hoplink

A Hoplink is your affiliate link. To create it you should click the “Create Hoplink” link, and then fill the clickbank name box with your Clikbank nickname.

Step 4: Promote your Hop link

After you've create your hop link (affiliate link), you will need to start a marketing campaign in order to promote that product to sell it and earn commission. Some of the ways to promote your products is to set up a review website or a blog and write and submit articles to popular article directories linking back to it. When your articles are found in the search engines by people looking for information, they might be interested in buying the product that you are promoting.

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Make money with resale right product

If you want to build a online business with selling the digital product, so resale  right product is the perfect choice. Make money online with using resale right product is very easy.  Through this article, I will share about how to make money with resale right product.You  will lesson about What is resale  right product, how many type of resele right product, the advantage of resale right product and Step-by-step make money with resale right product. Ok! Here are detail :

What is resale right product?

Resale right product is the product that you will purchase from someone else where you will get the freedom to resale it and get 100% profit, after you sell it to other people. They can include Ebook, Software, reports, script and other digital information product.

How many type of resale right product?

Actually, there is many type of resale right product, but in here I will explaine the three type of it. Here are detail :

- Resale right product
If you have purchasing the product with resale right as license, you can sell the product for certain price and let you to get 100% of the profit. As notice, this product maybe is restriction. Its mean you can sell this product but you can’t allow your customer to resale it. In other word, you can sell only as the Personal Use Only Product.

- Master resale right Product
This product is differ from resale right product . Master resale right Product is most powerful and will give you the big chance to be successful in online business. With this product, you can resale it and let your customer to resale as well. You can make a profit when you sell, and additional profit when your custumer resale it. Keep in mind, you have Master Resale Rights, but your customer don’t have. Restriction is usually include : Can’t sell in EBay or other online auction site and can’t give the product away.

- Private Label Rights
This product will give you tge rights to edit, modify, change the original product and claim it as your own product that you haver creae ( become the author of the product ). For more information about this product, you can read also my article about “Make Money With Private Label Rights Product”.

The advantage of resale right product

- You can resale the product. After you purchase this product, you will get to the right to resale this product.

- No need to create your own product. This product is very useful for the people who don’t have time, or knowledge to create certain product for sale.

- No need to create your salespage. The resale right product is usually come with the salespage and other graphic . so, the purchaser is no need to create salespage to start promotion their product.

- You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make.

- You can use it or you can get information with it.

- Explode your selling product with place it as bonus ( depend on license product ).

Step-by-step make money with resale right product

Here are the common way make money with Resale Right Product :

Step 1 : Get the payment processor
Payment processor is needed for accept money from the customer that purchasing our product.  The best and most popular online payment processor is paypal. Paypal enables you to accept credit card payments as well as e-checks and paypal will transfers directly to your paypal can sign up paypal for free at , this will only take a few minutes!  Other good online payment processors is Or you can try the affiliate network site like or because its will provide the payment button for your site and even its provide thousand of affiliate markerter that promotion your product. If you don’t understand about the affiliate network site you can read my article about Make money with affiliate program.

Step 2 Get web hosting and domain name
Web hosting is needed to online your website to the internet after you have upload your website to web hosting. For this purpose,  You will have to pay a monthly fee. Go to  to get cheap and affordable Hosting.
You need a domain name to have a small and professional web address that people can easily remember and visit your site any time they like. A domain name looks like this: and usually ends in .com , .net , .org , .tv. Go to to register your domain name for under $10 per year!

Step 3: Buy Resale rights product!
You can buy digital product with resale right in affiliate network site like or that provide website to sell it or you can search member site will gives you Private Label Rights to 2 different product per month in there

Step 4: Edit the website using HTML editor or other program
As mentioned previously, The resale right product is usually come with the salespage and other graphic. So, you just edit the website that provide in package of resale right product using HTML editor or other program ( for example is Macromedia ) without create your salespage again. Usually, you just change “your name” text in website with your name and add the payment button code that provided from your payment processor site. After that your website is ready to upload.

Step 5 : Upload your website
You can upload your website directly through your web hosting site or you can use Ftp software to upload it.

Step 6: promotion your product
This Step is very important, because you will not get money if no people who visit your site and doing purchase your product. Use the PPC advertising or try to visit buy and sell forum to promotion product. For more information you can visit  my other blog at

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Make Money with Private Label Rights product

Getting started to make money online with running online business using own product is not easy. May be you don’t have time, energy, knowledge, or even don’t have cost to order someone creating it. The private label right product come  to solve this problem. In this article about make money with private label rights product you will learn about What is private label rights, The difference between private label rights and resell rights product, Why should you choose private label rights product, How to make money with private label right product, Where can you sell your private label rights product. Ok! Here are detail :

What is private label rights?

private label rights are rights that a person gains to a particular product where with this rights a person  can resell the originally product  or resell the product with change anything of the product such us change the content, cover, and allow to place your name on it as the author.

E-books, software, articles and other digital product are some examples of products where you can obtain private label rights.

The difference between private label rights and resell rights product

One might wonder at the difference between private label rights and resell rights product. With resell rights product, a person obtains the right to resell the product without change the original product.

As mentioned previously, if you have a private label right to a particular product, you would gain the right to modify or change an original product, create your own specifications, apply modifications then claim it as your own original product.

Why should you choose private label rights product 

Here are some reason why you should choose private label rights product :

1. Get the rights to edit or to alter the product. Private label rights allow you to modify the content, change the title, change ecover, and list your self as the author. Take an -book, for example. If an author of an e-book would give you private label rights about "Make Money online", you can modify the content based on the current information you have about it, change the title and ecover (or you can change whatever of product will make it unique and be a new product).  After the modifications, you can claim rights to the e-book that you modified.

2. Time savings. This is another big advantage of private label rights product. As mentioned previously, if you have private label rights product, so you will Get the rights to modify or to alter the product. In other word, you can keep the original product for sale or modify ( change,add,or remove )the copy. For example, look again about "Make Money online" eBook . For modify ( edit content, change ecover, etc )  the eBook about "Make Money online", its need less then hours. Compare this to create your own product which needs weeks or months.

3. You can sell it as resale product. Not all people have the time, energy, and knowledge to create own product. With sell your private label rights product as the resale rights product you have solve their problem.

How to make money with private label right product.

However, developing and manufacturing your own product is quite a tedious process. The good way to make money with private label right product is editing or modify the exist product you have purchase before and then sell the product, of course with write your name as the author . Here are Guidelines to modifying private label content:

1. Keep in mind that “private label content” is the expression of someone’s personality and ideas. Begin by transforming the title as well as the tone of the article.

2. Rewrite totally your opening paragraph. Search your vocabulary so that you can state the same things in a different way. You can make use of your Thesaurus tool and look for alternative words.

3. Go through your entire article. Add or remove sentences when you distinguish mistakes. Add also new ideas to spread out your article or split a very lengthy content into two articles.

4. Rewriting the ending. Be certain that your article entices the readers to perform what you need them to perform, be it buying a certain product, enrolling for a newsletter or going through your site.

5. Check for grammatical or spelling errors and be certain to compose a keyword rich article.

Where can you sell your private label rights product?

After edit or modify the product, the next step is to sell the product. The common way to sell private label rights product is Build a website or affiliate site.  If you understand HTML and PHP Language you can build a website or affiliate site that have configured with payment processor and doing promotion to other people through the internet.  The second choice if you don’t understand  about HTML and PHP Language  you can use the affiliate network site ( to complete your knowledge to complete your knowledge about the affiliate network site, read also my article about “Make money with affiliate program” ). Using the affiliate network site to sell the private label right is very easy but,  its need  little cost. You just place the button payment code/script to your site after you have paying for registration cost. The private label right product is usually provide a website and other graphic for peoples who purchase this product. So, with affiliate network site you just edited your websitesuch us change the name in website with your name and place the button payment code ( you can use macromedia or front page software to edit your website ). After that, you have ready to make money with Private label right product.

Many people or big company use Affiliate network site to run their business cause its provide thousand of affiliate marketers  will promotion their product, of course with a little cost. Clikbank and paydotcom are example of affiliate network site. The other place to sell private label rights product are auction site like eBay and buy and sell forum ( example : ).

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Make money with affiliate program

Many way to make money online, one of the common way is Affiliate program. Maybe Affiliate program is not foreign word for someone who has long running bussines online. But, how about some the peole who just heard about the affiliate program ? Here are a brief explanation about what is affiliate program, how does it work, and how many type of affiliate program :

What is Affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs / affiliate marketing, also called associate programs, are one of  the way to make money online in wich a website/blog ownwer will get payment for every visitor, subscriber, customer, click the text link or banner and sale that provided through his efforts .There are some term you should know about the affiliate program :

1. Affiliate markerter is a person or a website/blog ownwer who join into affiliate program

2. Merchant is parties who sell product or services. Its can be individual or big companies.

3. An affiliate network is a third party as mediators between affiliate markerter and merchant

How Many Types Of Affiliate Programs ?

There are five basic types of affiliate program payment arrangements:

1. Pay-per-sale (also called cost-per-sale): In this arrangement, the merchant site pays an affiliate when the affiliate sends them a customer who purchases something. Some merchant Web sites, like, pay the affiliate a percentage of the sale and others pay a fixed amount per sale.

2. Pay-per-click (cost-per-click): In these programs, the merchant site pays the affiliate based on the number of visitors who click on the link to come to the merchant's site. They don't have to buy anything, and it doesn't matter to the affiliate what a visitor does once he gets to the merchant's site.

3. Pay-per-lead (cost-per-lead): Companies with these programs pay their affiliates based on the number of visitors they refer who sign up as leads. This simply means the visitor fills out some requested information at the merchant site, which the merchant site may use as a sales lead or sell to another company as a sales lead.

4. Two-tier programs: These affiliate programs have a structure similar to multilevel marketing organizations (also known as "network marketing").In addition to receiving commissions based on sales, clicks or leads stemming from their own site, affiliates in these programs also receive a commission based on the activity of affiliate sites they refer to the merchant site.

5. Residual Programs: Affiliates in these programs can keep making money off a visitor they send to the site if the visitor continues to purchase goods or services from the merchant site. Many online merchants who receive regular payments from their customers (such as monthly service fees) run this sort of affiliate program.

Additionally, there are a few pay-per-impression affiliate programs. Companies running these programs, also called pay-per-view programs, pay affiliates based only on the number of visitors who see their banner ad.

How to make money with affiliate program ?

Usually a affiliate markerter will go to an affiliate network site like clickbank, paydotcom, Commission Junction, etc. After that he will fill out an online application to become a member. The application will ask about some personal information (name, address, payment method) and information on your site (URL, name, and description of content) and you will have agree to a service agreement. Most affiliate networks are completely free to join the affiliate program.

If  the affiliate network approves your application, you can begin picking affiliate programs that you are interest. Once you've chosen some affiliate programs, the online merchants running these programs Usually will have the opportunity to review your site. If they approve you, the affiliate network will walk you through posting the appropriate links process such as barnner or text link, which come directly from the network's site. The Affiliate markerter can use blog/ website or search enggine's advertising like Adwords and whatever ways to promotion merchan's product.

as notice, there is some affiliate network is no need approval from a merchant to promotion their product. so, you can make money with easy and fast. for example : clickbank and paydotcom.

The affiliate network will also establish payment arrangements with you. Because the amount of money you earn per action can be extremely small, most affiliate networks have a set minimum payout amount. This means you won't receive a check until the total money owed you reaches a certain amount. After you have set up all this and the affiliate network has explained its system to you, you can get back to work on your Web site's content and wait for your money to come in.

Ok! You have learn about affiliate program. In addition, here are the most popular affiliate network site you should try to make money online :

1. Commission Junction (
2. ClickBank (
3. LinkShare (
4. Amazon (
5. Shareasale (
6. Paydotcom

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Adsense tutorial: Step-by-step make money with adsense

Making money with Adsense is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on the internet. All you need is a website, an account with Google and a little HTML knowledge and you are ready to get started. For more information about adsense, please read my article about  Google adsense introduction.  In this article I will share you step-by-step way make money with adsense using website and free blog service like Blogger. Here are detail:
Step-by-step make money online with adsense using website

Step 1: Plan the site

This is a crucial step in making an Adsense website. The first, you have Choose the good topic for your site, use the web directory like or other source to search your topic website’s. Try to Choose the topic you are interest and understand  about it.

Additionally, you can try to find niche keywords for your topic website. Its very important to get the best result and get more money. You can use google to search information about how to find niche keywords.

Step 2 : Write the article

Write the article that relate to your niche keyword or your topic websites. use the article directory to search information about it. Here are the popular article directory :,,

Step 3 : Design your website

If you can’t design a template for your web, you can using free template that have provided in the internet. To search free template in the internet, you can use google with typing  “download free template” in the search box. After you download it, you can use macromedia or frontpage software to edit the template.

The second choice, you can using free blog service like blogger. I personally use this way to make money with Google adsense because its very easy and simple.

Step 4 : create Adsense account

Sign up for an Adsense account. This will only take a few minutes. But maybe its will need more than a week to get approval from adsense team. Clik HERE to join google adsense

Step 5 :  Get your Adsense code and place it to Your Websites

After you have get approval by google, its time Get your Adsense code and place it to Your Websites. here are step-by-step to get adsense code :

1.Log into your Google Adsense Account

2.Click on “Adsense Setup” tab

3.Click on “Adsense for Content”

4.Click on “add Unit”  and select “text only ads” in dorpdown menu (unless you want image ads on your website) then click on “Continue”

5.Go to “Format” and choose which format you want. Do you want the skyscraper ad? The leader board ad? Square shaped ads? Once you’ve shown one then move on to step six

6.Choose your coloring

7.Decide whether you want to track your ads or choose alternate ads (if you’re not sure, you can leave this on the default for now until you learn more)

8.Click continue to get your code

9.Copy & paste the Google Adsense code into the website you want to appear it and Upload your webpage.

Step 6 : promotion your Adsense website

This step is very important , because you will not get money if there is no people who visit to your web. Click Here for detail information about how to promotion your web or get webtraffic.

Step-by-step make money online with adsense using Blog

The second choice, you can using free blog service like blogger. I personally use this way to make money with Google adsense because its very easy and simple. Ok! Here are detail :

- The first step is create a blog in blogger.

Go to and then Follow the step-by-step instruction is shown by blogger site to create blog.

-The second step is Choose the good topic for your blog.

After you have create blog, the next step is Choose the topic for your blog.  I suggestion you should choose the topic you are like or the topic based on your hobby cause its very useful to increase your visitor later.

-The third step is starting to write article

Create article based on your topic blog and Write around 4 to 15 article in your blog.

-The fourth step is create adsense account

Go to and fill the form with your personal information to create adsense account. If you have finished fill the form, you will receive email to verify your account. After that you will waiting to approval by google team.

-The fifth step is add adsense in your blog

After you have approved by google team, you should add adsense in your blog. Here a few the video tutorial will guide you to add adsense to your blog

Add adsense with 160X600 vertical wide format to your blog

Adsense tutorial: add Link unit adsense in your blog

The last step is starting promotion your blog.

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Adsense tutorial : Google adsense introduction

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to  make money online . Now, through this post I will share you a little about Google Adsense introduction, such us what is Adsense, how does Adsense work, How to make money with Google Adsense, etc.

What is Adsense ?

Adsense is the great Pay per click affiliate program in the internet that allows a website/blog owner to join into their program and get more money. A website/blog owner who joins into Google Adsense program is called Adsense publisher or publisher.

How does Adsense work?

Adsense is advertising program where it’s run by Google; it’s the brother of Google Adwords. In Google Adwords, the Webmasters can advertise their business through the Google search engine interface. For example, if you using Google to search information, Google will present the ads is related to keyword that you are type in the Google search box and presents it on the left and the top of the search page result. Because there are a lot of advertiser are willing to pay for Google, Google built Google Adsense to help promotion all webmaster's business.

Google Adsense can generate ads related to the content of the page automatically; the advertiser can choose the main keyword of their business and let the Google Adsense program to show their ads within the most related web page at the publisher’s site. This process is called "Contextual Ads" ads that generated according to the topic of the content. As the result the advertiser can receive much targeted traffic that really needs their product or service.

How to make money with Google Adsense?

Let’s say you have a website all about “Make money Online”. Because you have this website and you want to make some money you decide to put ads on your site that relate with “Make money Online”. You go to Google and sign up for their adsense program (you can click HERE to sign up for their Adsense program). Google then usually will review your site in a few days. If  they approve you, so they give you ads Code ( Java Script ) to place on your site about “Make money Online” and related products ( this script work automatically in display ads ). You place these ads on your site and the people who come to your website and click on these ads, Google will pays you a commission based on what Google is being paid by the advertiser that created the add You would be paid per click so even if the customer does not buy anything you still get paid.

Remember that adsense is for people who want to display ads on there website and get paid each time a visitor clicks on the ads and adwords is for people who want to have their ads displayed on search engines and their partner sites. Adwords advertisers only pay when a visitor clicks on their ad and is directed to their website. Adsense members only get paid when someone comes to their site and clicks on the ads displayed by the search engine.

How much I will get money from this program?

Suppose you have 1000 visitors to your website and you get 2% conversion where there are 20 people clicked on your Adsense links. Let's assume that your Adsense links pay you only 50 cents per click. So you earn $10 dollars.

Now let's see how much this same traffic will make for you if your Adsense links pay you $5 per click. For the same number of clicks, you make $100 dollars. Wow… its good way to increase your revenue!

Ok! That all is a little description about Google Adsense introduction. The next article I will tell you about step-by-step Make money with Adsense.

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